carousel carousel

August 21, 2007

the carousel seems to be finally coming along, now that the taxtres are in place:



August 16, 2007

here is a test i did today to get some displacement going for the details on the front:


carousel update

August 14, 2007

a quick a carousel update as i have done a little bit more work on it, got the general model shape with the lights in place and startied uv/texturing. still alot to do to make it look good but its slowly getting there.


 and here it is in motion over a plate that erik tracked:


here are some other ideas for some of the shots produced by erik which involve ferris wheels:




train claw

August 9, 2007

this is going to be a really cool shot of me on the train, witha giant claw coming down to pick up some sort of toy:

asda roundabout previs

August 8, 2007

here it is the latest test i have done for the asda roundabout shot. This is more or less the model and movement. There is no textures/shaders for this yet and also there is no interaction with the plate. it is just to get an idea of what it will look like in the scene.

Also here is the model in the shot above, it was modeled by Gareth Molen:

joker model

raoundabout light test

August 7, 2007

after we filmed the raoundabout erik tracked it in pftrack then gave it to me and i did this test to see if it would look good once the lights were put in. obviously there is no light interaction yet as this is just a simple test.

modeling carousel

August 7, 2007

i have begun the modeling the carousel that will feature in one of the shots. i have taken the design from the original concept i have done.




carousel concept

August 7, 2007

here is a piece of concept art i have made for the latest project i am working on that is going to be about fairground rides:


merry go roundabout